Revealed: The Biggest Money-Making TIP of Gold Rush 2012 Training!

I’m going to keep this post short and straight to the point because the release of Gold Rush 2012 is coming very soon – May 29th, 2012 – and I don’t want to waste your time.  Investing in Gold is serious business and your time is valuable.

So here it is.  The one TIP that I got from the Gold Rush 2012 Training that blew me away is revealed in the VIDEO below.

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Hit play now and discover why Preston Ely and Matt Wallace’s new product is worth its weight in gold!


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Exposed! The best way to Invest in Gold today according to Preston Ely & Matt Wallace.

In the previous Gold Rush 2012 Review post I touched upon why Investing in Gold is so important and various methods of how the financial world invests in gold. But now, I’m going to discuss how you personally can and should invest in gold according to Gold Rush 2012.

Yes, there are plenty of fancy ways of buying gold, but no method of investing in Gold is as simple and understandable as buying physical Gold, which is the nuts and bolts of Gold Rush 2012.

NOTE, This is a Review Site: Click Here for Preston Ely’s Official Gold Rush 2012 Site!

There are several ways of buying gold but for this article, we’re going to discuss investing in Gold by either buying Gold bullion or buying scrap metal gold, a term I was first introduced to through Gold Rush 2012 Training.

Investing in Gold bullion simply means you buy the actual physical gold; for example, Gold coins like the well-known American Gold Eagle. You can also invest in gold bullion by buying Gold bars which Gold Rush 2012 touches upon.

No matter how impressive the American Gold Eagle Coin looks, a smooth, shiny Gold bar is even more impressive!

It’s purely a matter of preference which method of buying gold you chose. It depends on several factors but 2 important factors per Gold Rush 2012 are:

  1. How much money you have to invest in gold; and
  2. How portable you want your gold investment to be?

If you have very little money to invest in gold, buying American Gold Eagle coins is probably a good start since you can buy just 1 to begin. While this may seem easy and cheap enough don’t forget that just one American Gold Eagle coin in today’s market costs well over $1500. For some, even this is too much.

Fear not, because if need be, you can buy a very small sliver of gold as well. A friend of mine showed me what looked like a microchip of gold once. It was really funny looking but its value was still significant – somewhere around $200 or so. So don’t worry because Gold Rush 2012 will show you various ways of buying gold no matter your budget.

Now… if you’re looking for better pricing and moving your physical Gold isn’t that important to you, buying Gold bars might be the best option for you. Of course the price of these bars is significantly higher than American Gold Eagle coins.

Regardless of which method you use to invest in gold, there’s an even cheaper way to buy gold which I’m about to reveal right now in this Gold Rush 2012 Review.

It involves buying Gold jewelry, also known as scrap gold. Items such as: gold necklaces… gold rings… gold medals… gold bracelets, etc. The reason why it’s so much cheaper to invest in Gold this way is because you’ll be buying your gold investments directly from the owners/sellers. And the Gold Rush 2012 Training will show you the best way to find these sellers.

In most cases, these sellers will want to get their money as quickly as possible and will have no issues selling their gold to you at discount prices. Investing in Gold now becomes very lucrative. Not only will you be buying something of significant value at good discounts, but through Preston Ely’s Gold Rush 2012 Training, you’ll also be learning how to do it for the best possible returns on your money.

This method is the heart of Gold Rush 2012 so get ready to learn insider techniques to find the best deals for buying gold.

In the next post I’ll cover in more detail if Preston Ely’s Gold Rush 2012 Training is valuable or not and even take you behind the scenes to see exactly what you’ll be getting. Keep an eye out! You’re definitely going to learn a lot about Preston Ely & Matt Wallace’s program through this “Gold Rush 2012 Review”.

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Why Gold? What do the creators of Gold Rush 2012 know that we don’t?

Gold is considered highly precious for many reasons and it’s no surprise Preston Ely has come up with Gold Rush 2012, a product designed to teach you how to take advantage of the coming wave of investing in Gold.

People from all over the world have been investing in Gold since the early days of man.  In fact, back in the day, Gold was used as a medium of barter for exchanging goods and services so it has an intrinsic value for mankind.

Emperors, kings and queens as well as the average man were all interested in investing in Gold – the precious yellow metal.   In fact in many countries, investing in Gold is a family tradition transferred from one generation to the next.

In this “Gold Rush 2012 Review” I’m going to discuss Preston Ely and Matt Wallace’s new product but before I do, I want to discuss why there’s so much interest to invest in Gold in the first place.

The reason is simple; Gold always remains precious no matter what because it’s a physical asset! Unless your timing is horrible, Gold will always pay you back over time.   In fact, Gold is so important that its value is even used as a measure of an economy’s general health.

If you haven’t already noticed, pretty much every financial guru on TV talks about investing in gold or something gold and silver related which is why the timing of Gold Rush 2012 is so perfect.

But why are all the gurus talking about how to invest in Gold in the first place?

Because, the value of Gold is used as an indicator of global market trends.  No matter where you are in the world, Gold is always recognized as a precious commodity.   The reason for this dates back to the beginning of pretty much every country’s financial system where physical Gold was used as the original currency.

As such, the importance of gold is bread into our DNA so to speak.

The business world over the years has created many investment vehicles centered around investing in Gold.  These vehicles range from buying physical Gold itself or buying stock of a company that mines Gold or simply investing in exchange traded funds focused on investment in Gold.

No matter how you look at it, the financial markets understand the value of investing in gold which is why they’ve created so many financial vehicles to make gold investing easy.

As such, buying gold and investing in gold is definitely here to stay.  The financial markets take advantage of it every day and you should too by learning as much as you can from Preston Ely & Matt Wallace’s training product titled Gold Rush 2012.

Thank you for checking out this Gold Rush 2012 Review and stay tuned for my upcoming posts where I take you behind-the-scenes of “Gold Rush 2012″.

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Who is Matt Wallace and how did he hook up with Preston Ely?

Gold Rush 2012 co-creator Matt Wallace isn’t your normal information product guru.  In fact, he’s hardly a guru at all.  You wont find much information about him if you look him up because prior to linking up with Preston Ely, he was a pretty private person.

Prior to meeting Ely, Wallace quietly concentrated on his business of “flipping gold”; very similar to flipping real estate which is how Ely and Wallace hooked up.

The story of them hooking up is pretty cool actually.  If you watch the video Ely prepared for Gold Rush 2012, you’ll learn they met at a coffee shop.  Basically Preston walked in at which point Wallace recognized him and introduced himself by telling him he had invested in one of Ely’s real estate products.

After the polite introductions they sat at their own tables and went about their business.  Very shortly thereafter, Ely noticed a woman enter the coffee shop to meet Wallace and noticed some type of transaction take place.

Ely was intrigued at what took place and upon investigating further realized Wallace was simply investing in gold.  He went on to explain to Ely he’s been doing this for years and making a tremendous amount of money at it.

He continued to explain how easy it is to flip gold because you always have a buyer lined up for your gold as long as you’re buying it at enough of a discount.  In fact Matt Wallace has been educating the public about how to invest in gold for some time and even had an information product out called .

However, it wasn’t until Ely propositioned Wallace to create Gold Rush 2012 that things started to really take off for Wallace because Gold Rush 2012 is a pretty amazing product with very good material and sales of it have gone through the roof because of Preston Ely’s marketing prowess.

Until recently, only people on Ely’s list had access to this product but come May 29th, the public will also get access to “Gold Rush 2012″ so make sure to look for it if you too are interested in investing in gold.

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Welcome to Gold Rush 2012 Review dot org!

Welcome to Gold Rush 2012 Review dot org.  In the next few posts I’m going to give you some insider information about Preston Ely and Matt Wallace’s new money-making product about How to Invest in Gold.  I’ll also be talking about Preston Ely and Matt Wallace themselves and giving you insider access to behind-the-scenes gold rush training before you buy so look out for my posts.  Talk to you soon!

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